Michael Grant for District 2 Supervisor
''Time for a Change''

Campaign Positions


Local government inefficiencies are troubling and costly-

There are numerous opportunities to streamline some county operations.

·      Assure county departments work better with each other.

·      Use the County Administrator to vet and consolidate routine matters to free Supervisors                     time for work on more important issues and needed changes.


Work on solutions to the problem of increased costs, and sometimes cancellation, of homeowner’s insurance policies-

·      Open a dialogue with insurance carriers to try and understand their decision process and find             out what ways the increases can be minimized.

·      Work directly with fire departments for collaborative solutions based on the decision process             of these insurance companies that mitigate costs.

·      Take a significant role in increasing volunteer service for fire departments, many of which are             having issues with declining staff numbers.


Changes in technologies and the ever-rising costs to operate public safety communications will be a significant challenge for Plumas County in the future-

·       Use my experience in this area to build a long-range plan to assure the county residents                      continue to get the best response possible to emergencies.

·       Develop a comprehensive funding model to support this effort


And perhaps the most important topic, a greater level of accessibility to your elected county supervisor-

·       This position represents everyone that lives in the district, not a few selected people.  An                    open dialogue with constituents to address concerns and issues is critical to providing                        effective representation.