Michael Grant for District 2 Supervisor
''Time for a Change''


About Me and Experience

I moved to Plumas Co in 1979 and worked at my family’s business, a placer gold mine.  I also joined Plumas Co Search and Rescue that same year.  Our business expanded over the following years with the mining operation growing and the addition of a small resort.  I took over the responsibility for our mining operations, which employed numerous people.

In 1985 I became the Commander of Plumas Co Search and Rescue, a position I hold to this day.   I started working as a reserve deputy for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office in 1986, something I greatly enjoyed for many years.  I married my wife Becky, a native of Plumas County, in 1987.  Both of our sons were born and raised in Quincy.   

In 1998, I went to work as a full-time employee of the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office.  My first assignment was handling numerous grant programs already in place and then applying for additional grant funding where it was available.  In 1999, the Sheriff’s Office was in need of deputies and I transferred to a patrol position.   In 2004, I became very involved in applying for, and then successfully managing all aspects of more than a half-million-dollar appropriation that was used to construct a building that housed a new dispatch center and included a new department-wide computer-based records system. 

As my career in the Sheriff’s Office went on, I continued to secure outside funding and manage those related projects, which included a dispatch radio console system, two different 911 phone systems and, the largest of those projects, an extensive microwave network to move data and control remote radios and repeaters.  I secured funding to build county-owned communication sites to defer costs to other entities and also provide a source of revenue to pay for ongoing public safety communication needs.  All told, the grants I secured and managed totaled in the millions of dollars. 

A primary focus of my work at the Sheriff’s Office has been cutting response times to emergencies as minutes count, especially in medical calls.  Developing a working plan involved leadership, innovative ideas and a lot of work with the results having reduced response times significantly thus saving lives.  I have been the County 911 Coordinator for 14 years along with having the responsibility of managing all local-level public safety communications systems.   Another project included tying Lassen Co Sheriff’s Office 911 system together with ours so either agency can answer the others calls, essentially doubling the available dispatch staff immediately when the need arises so 911 calls never go unanswered.

I was on the Sheriff’s Employee’s Association Board of Directors for 18 years, 15 of which I was the President.  I also served on the boards of a number of non-profit public benefit corporations over the years.  I currently sit on a statewide board regarding public safety communications and I’m the co-Chairman of an 18 County board that addresses public safety concerns from a regional perspective.

As a volunteer, part-time and then full-time employee, I‘ve dedicated 40 years tirelessly working to improve public safety in Plumas County and make it a better, safer place for those who live and visit here.  No other candidate for this office can offer anything close to the commitment and service to Plumas County that I bring with my years, experience and accomplishments.