Michael Grant for District 2 Supervisor
''Time for a Change''

New Leadership for Plumas County

This election is really about the future of Plumas County and the need for a path forward that will preserve our rural way of life while providing opportunities to our residents to prosper and succeed.  I feel very strongly that values, integrity, and honesty are cornerstones of a strong candidate and I will bring those traits to this position.

One thing I fully realize is we all come from different places in life, but those life experiences, whatever they may be, have brought us all to Plumas County and that brings a sense of community that I will be proud to represent.   I love the beauty of our County and the high quality of life it can bring.  I think it is incumbent for all elected officials to not lose sight of what Plumas County is and what it stands for.  I feel very strongly that good representation comes from the determination and fortitude to hold true to your beliefs and convictions, something I promise to do.

We have a real opportunity to influence a positive change in the future direction of the county. We must always look forward to the new issues that will arrive, but never lose sight of the past to preserve what has made Plumas County such a great place to live, play, work and raise a family.

It is time to do more for the residents of Plumas County and allow their voices to be heard.  If elected, I pledge to listen to your concerns, seek opinions, and ask questions to make sure my constituents are being fairly represented by the accessible government they deserve.